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First listed on 18 March 2015
Last updated on 18 March 2015
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Cyber Security: An Introduction
An introduction to Cyber security,hacking techniques and terminology, and organisational defenses.
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Starting with a high-level look at how organisations can protect against Cyber-attacks by describing how to build, operate and maintain a comprehensive set of security controls, the course is then broken down into two modules which will look at understanding cyber threats, and the basics of information security.

Who is it for?
This course is suitable for IT professionals looking to understand more about online security, but is also a good introductory course for those from a non-IT background who need to understand more about the protection of corporate systems and data.
How is it structured / delivered?

Module 1 - Understanding the threats

This module concentrates on understanding the threats we face by defining what hackers are, their motivations, and the tools they use. This section takes a look at the processes involved in a hacking attack. Delegates will learn about footprinting, port scanning, network sniffing, phishing, social engineering, dumpster diving and physical attacks.

Module 2 - The basics of Information Security

This module is dedicated to understanding the basics of Information Security and looks at how an organisation might approach the task of securing their networks against attacks. In this section, delegates will learn about the CIA triad, the creation of an ISMS, risk management, the implementation of security controls, penetration testing and incident management.

There are no prerequisites to attending this course.
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Change 1
Solvings Ltd

Delivering technology and training with integrity

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